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Ferrysoft Help Desk

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Ferrysoft Help Desk is a web based help desk solution. The Express Edition is free of charge. Click the screen shot to learn more about Ferrysoft Help Desk.

"Failed to read IIsWebs table. (-2147023728)" error message appears during installation.


The error message appears when installing Ferrysoft Help Desk and the installation is unsuccessful.


This is caused by the installation not being able to find a web site configured with IP Address set to "(All Unassigned)" and with TCP Port set to "80".


To resolve this, use Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to set IP Address to "(All Unassigned)" and set TCP Port to "80":

  1. From the Start Menu, choose Control Panel, choose Administrative Tools and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Expand the web sites to point to the default web site.
  3. From the Action menu, click Properties.
  4. Click the Web Site tab.
  5. If the IP Address is not set to (All Unassigned) then change it to (All Unassigned).
  6. If the TCP Port is not set to 80 then change it to 80.
  7. Click OK.

Rerun the installation of Ferrysoft Help Desk. When Ferrysoft Help Desk has been successfully installed, IP Address and TCP Port can be changed back to their original settings if required.