Ferrysoft Help Desk Release History

Date Version Changes
1 Jul 2011 2.8.0
  • Replace Lists feature with System Labels for increased flexibility in categorising cases.
  • Allow system and user labels to be colour highlighted.
  • Improve incoming email attachment filename handling.
  • Incorporate latest Ferrysoft POP3 module to improve inbound email handling.
  • Incorporate latest Ferrysoft SMTP module to improve outbound email handling.
1 Jul 2010 2.7.0
  • Change format of main page to list cases in simpler format, persist filter selections per user and provide a sort sequence that persists per user.
  • Prevent closed cases from being modified but allow them to be re-opened (and automatically re-assigned to the re-opener).
  • Allow deleted cases to be undeleted for up to 30 days after deletion.
  • New system and user defined labels that can be used to categorise cases.
  • Matching of incoming email addresses to all contact types (previously only customer contact types were matched).
  • New alert type of Undelete Case.
  • Implement new web services methods of UndeleteCase, CloseCase and ReopenCase.
1 Jan 2010 2.6.0
  • Implement an optional auto-refresh on the main page and allow the refresh interval to be set on a per-user basis.
  • Change the format of the main page to show Modified instead of Created, sort cases by most recently modified first and set default Assigned To selection as "Any".
  • Replace the HelpDeskUser and HelpDeskSupervisor roles with the following help desk roles: HelpDeskOwnReadOthersNone (new role that allows reading of own cases but not creation or modification of cases), HelpDeskOwnWriteOthersNone (previously HelpDeskUser), HelpDeskOwnWriteOthersRead (new role that allows reading of case assigned to others but not creation or modification of cases assigned to others) and HelpDeskOwnWriteOthersWrite (previously HelpDeskSupervisor).
  • Replace the fixed alerts regime for internal contacts with a new configurable alerts regime that allows the generation of alerts for combinations of alert type (create, change and delete) and contact type (internal, customer and supplier) plus sending of alerts for all contact types on a system-wide or per-user basis.
  • Allow a default priority to be set for new cases.
  • Store attachments for incoming emails as part of the case record.
  • Send emails as MIME multipart/alternate emails to reduce the likelihood of emails being classified as spam.
  • Send emails with Message-ID headers to reduce the likelihood of emails being classified as spam.
  • Incorporate latest Ferrysoft POP3 module to improve inbound email handling.
  • Incorporate latest Ferrysoft SMTP module to improve outbound email handling.
1 Aug 2009 2.5.0
  • New file upload feature.
  • Show times in local time according to user's local time zone.
  • Show clickable links in alert emails to access case via the web.
  • Include case details/history in alert emails.
  • Support persistent logins.
  • Add support for Internet Explorer 8.0.
  • Make Connect Timeout configurable to reduce the possibility of connection timeouts when accessing SQL Server.
  • Increase Command Timeout to reduce the possibility of command timeouts when accessing SQL Server.
  • Change the page layout design standard minimum from 800x600 to 1024x768.
1 Jul 2008 2.4.0
  • New subscriptions feature.
  • Automatic synchronisation of email addresses between bound user records and user contact records.
  • Support for encrypted incoming (POP3) connections.
  • Support for multiple incoming (POP3) email accounts.
  • Support for outgoing (SMTP) connection to be via SMTP servers or pickup directories.
  • New diagnostic trace feature for Incoming and Outgoing connections.
1 Jun 2007 2.3.0
  • New user interface for all web pages.
  • New membership and users regime using the Microsoft ASP.NET membership provider.
  • New roles regime using the Microsoft ASP.NET roles provider.
  • Introduce a new organisation type of supplier.
  • New structure of users, contacts and contacts within organisations (own organisation, customers and suppliers).
  • New moderator capability for Discussion Forum.
  • Implement sorting on all columns of table displays.
  • Implement paging on all table displays.
  • Merge of web services site into single main site.
  • Enhance web services to include new fields and to use SOAP 1.2.
  • New user interface for Administrator.
  • Simplified selection of defaults when selecting SQL Server and SQL Server Express connections.
  • Relocate registry system settings to the database.
  • Relocate the reference data setup from desktop Administrator to web Administration.
  • New user interface for Setup including new licence agreement.
  • Raise the minimum installer version from 3.0 to 3.1.
1 Mar 2006 2.2.0
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
  • Added support for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
  • Dropped support for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.
  • Set support level for Microsoft Windows XP Professional at Service Pack 2 or later.
  • Set support level for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 at Service Pack 1 or later.
  • Dropped support for Microsoft Windows 2000.
  • Simplified Windows Installer package file.
1 Jul 2005 2.1.0
  • New Announcements feature.
  • New Knowledge Base feature.
  • New Search via Google feature for Discussion Forum and Knowledge Base.
  • Renamed Administrator options to Setup Incoming Mail Server Interface and Setup Outgoing Mail Server Interface.
  • Introduced Administrator features to Setup Web User Interface and Setup Web Services Interface.
  • Introduced Windows Authentication as a new, preferred option for authenticating against SQL Server.
  • Introduced capability to specify the initial Discussion and Knowledge Base displayed.
1 Apr 2005 2.0.0
  • Redesigned web user interface for all web pages including Discussion Forum pages and Help pages.
  • Single Windows Installer package file replaces multiple files to simplify installation.
1 Mar 2005 1.0.4
  • New Discussion Forum feature so that the help desk can host public discussions.
  • New common login page for both users and customer contacts.
  • Improvements to style and layout of all web pages.
1 Dec 2004 1.0.3
  • New Inmail feature so that issues can be submitted via email, received into Ferrysoft Help Desk via a POP3 mailbox and automatically converted into cases within Ferrysoft Help Desk.
  • New Interconnect feature so that external applications can easily integrate with Ferrysoft Help Desk via a web services interface.
1 Sep 2004 1.0.2
  • Compliance with a wider range of web browsers.
  • Compliance with Windows XP SP2.
  • Enhanced Registration Key feature.
  • New alerts feature so that assigned users receive email alerts when other users or customers make changes to their cases.
  • New default 'Assigned To' feature for customer entered cases.
1 Jul 2004 1.0.1
  • Expansion of 'Contacts' to store Email address, Password and Role.
  • New class of 'Customer' login against Contact credentials to accompany the existing 'User' login.
  • New Reports window to enable generation of Open and Summary reports for both Users and Customers.
  • Repositioning of the Refresh button to the body of the page for the main page to make it easier to use.
  • New help text for Web.
  • New Upgrade Database feature for Administrator.
  • New help text for Administrator.
1 Apr 2004 1.0.0
  • Initial version.