Ferrysoft Help Desk

Ferrysoft Help Desk

Ferrysoft Help Desk is free of charge for the single-user version. Just download it and start using it. The multi-user version of Ferrysoft Help Desk is priced competitively based on the number of users. The system requirements and installation and setup explain how to get Ferrysoft Help Desk up and running. Review the frequently asked questions to answer any queries you may have.

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Top five reasons to choose Ferrysoft Help Desk as your help desk solution

  • Completely web based with access allowed by internal personnel and external customers. This ensures that the system can be installed very quickly. Time is saved by not having to visit each client workstation. By providing web access to everyone who interacts with the help desk, the number of help desk telephone interactions is minimised.
  • Includes an integrated discussion forum. This provides an electronic meeting place where peer-to-peer help can be provided. This can dramatically reduce the burden on help desk technicians.
  • Capability to automatically accept emails via a POP3 server mailbox and convert them into help desk cases. This is an alternative way of logging issues for those unable or unwilling to access the system via the web. This reduces the need for dealing with telephone logging of cases by the help desk technicians and so saves time.
  • Automatically generated email alerts sent to assigned users for case changes made by customers or other users. This ensures that help desk technicians are kept up to date with any changes made to their cases. This avoids wasting time on cases that may have been resolved by the originator or by another help desk technician.
  • Includes a set of web services and built to use the mainstream products; Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server. This simplifes the process of developing interfaces with other systems and so minimises the cost of any such integrations. It also ensures the solution is reliable, robust and secure.